An Anechoic Chamber of One’s Own

Do a search for “echo chamber,” “fake news,” or “post-truth” nowadays and you’re likely to get more than a few hits in the current news. In the wake of Brexit and more recently the U.S. elections, it appears we are now once again in a time when everything is questionable, even our general faith in […]

November 14, 10.30 am. At the office

I’ve got a lot on my mind. These days, who hasn’t? But for now, it’s just the one thing: writing. I’ve thought about and written about it almost all my life, but it’s the same old story. Teachers, friends, and even my wife have encouraged me to write. They didn’t push me to do it, […]

Green Day’s Revolution Radio

Of course I took some time to decide if I wanted to buy Green Day’s latest album. After 2000’s solid Warning they became increasingly self-important, and two concept albums later they imploded in late 2012 with not one but three inconsequential releases and Billie Joe Armstrong’s on-stage breakdown followed by rehab and a string of canceled performances. […]

The DC – 9 September 2016

Starting off the day with Sinatra. Not early but late Sinatra; Francis A. and Edward K. It’s noticeably slower, even sluggish. The music takes its time; and it does that because Sinatra and Ellington’s band are seasoned, sure performers. They don’t hurry, don’t aim to impress.  I guess it’s a fitting soundtrack for today. We’re […]